Our Trainer Partners

Partners in the Protective Behaviours Training Partnership have been working with the PB process for over 25 years, developing resources, implementing PBs within their places of work and training others to use PBs in either an agency or independent role.

All training offered by Protective Behaviours Training Partnership Partners will be consistent with the PB process and use high quality materials to support learning. Training will be evaluated to indicate progress made towards meeting individual course outcomes and identify any further training requirements.

Partnership trainers commit to holding and renewing the relevant training insurances as well as on-going peer observation, consultation and supervision in order to maintain the quality of the training offered.

For individual partnership profiles please select from the current list of trainers.

Name Picture Training Partnership
Sally Ann Hart sally-ann-hart.jpg Founder Partner Accredited Trainer
Ann Seal ann-seal.jpg Founder Partner Accredited Trainer
Lucy Holbrook lucy-holbrook.jpg Partner Accredited Trainer
Fiona Fletcher fiona-fletcher.jpg Associate Accredited Trainer
Helen Longstaff helen-longstaff.jpg Associate Accredited Trainer
Rachel Bailey rachel-bailey.jpeg Associate Accredited Co-trainer
Carolyn Gelenter carolyn-gelenter.png Associate Accredited Co-trainer
Lindsay Martin lindsay-martin.jpg Associate Trainer