Lucy Holbrook

Accredited Trainer

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    Being at our Best - Personal & Organisational Effectiveness, Creating & Sustaining Effective Change, Increasing Well-Being & Resilience, Emotional Literacy and Relationship Building
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    Whilst I am based in Merseyside I will travel both nationally and internationally
  • Background
    I have over 15 years experience working with organisations, groups and individuals running training programmes, workshops and offering coaching and Body Mind therapy around what enables people to be at their best. My experience has taught me that being at our best starts with understanding ourselves – we have to do our inner learning first. I work in a relational and reflective way and my approach focusses on the link between our feelings and thoughts and the impact this has on our capacity to learn, manage our emotions, build relationships and make choices in our behaviour that serve us and others well.

    I have been delivering Protective Behaviours training and projects across Merseyside for over 10 years. From 2005-2009 this was through Wirral Protective Behaviours Network which delivered a range of PB training and projects across Wirral through Childrens’ Services, the Education Department and the Third Sector. This included supporting young people experiencing bullying, training staff and children in over 1/3 of Wirral’s Primary Schools and delivering the Foundation Training to some 200 adults across voluntary, community and statutory services.

    In addition to delivering Protective Behaviours Short Workshops, Introductory and Foundation courses I also offer combined programmes which integrate Protective Behaviours with body- & mind-based knowledge and tools from the fields of neuro-biology and neuro-psychology. Neuroscience research now tells us how feeling safe underpins everything we do, which reinforces the importance of Theme 1 – We all have the right to feel safe all the time.

    My passion for Protective Behaviours remains undimmed. It is a joy to witness other people recognising and appreciating that whilst the process is simple in theory, the impact on their own experience can be extremely powerful. I love the fact that the flexibility of Protective Behaviours offers empowerment to people of all ages in so many different contexts. In particular, I think Protective Behaviours helps us understand and manage two separate yet interdependent aspects of ourselves – the Personal and the Organisational.

    The Personal aspect is about my internal world and my relationship with myself - it is about:
    building my personal resilience by increasing my self-awareness and emotional literacy skills
    developing good relationships and support networks
    developing problem-solving skills that help me manage the tension between risk and opportunity and avoid becoming a victim.

    In contrast, the Organisational aspect is about me in relation to my colleagues and clients or customers and how I interact with them. I have developed a Protective Behaviours based model that serves this organizational aspect. This model helps organisations integrate the Protective Behaviours process into their organizational culture and collectively develop the skills and capacity to behave in ways which create a protective culture and environment. This ensures we all feel safe and facilitates everyone be at their best thereby increasing both personal and organisational effectiveness. A local charity has successfully used this model to improve their supervision practice, increase staff and volunteer’s emotional awareness and empathy and develop their volunteer’s skills in supporting their service users. If you interested in how this tool might support your organization please get in touch with me.

    My Protective Behaviours Journey: This started in the late '90s when I was Centre Co-ordinator of Women's Enterprising Breakthrough, a small charity supporting women with complex needs in the North End of Birkenhead in Wirral. Many of the women who came to the Centre had little or no self-esteem, experienced abusive relationships and did not feel safe. A colleague and I attended a two day Foundation Training initially which inspired us and we caught the Protective Behaviours Bug! We followed this up with the 4 day Extended Training with Di Margetts in 2000. In 2004 a Children's Fund project in Wirral provided the opportunity for us to attend the 4 day Trainer Training and following an 18 month period of observed delivery and assessment I was endorsed as a trainer in 2006. Examples of some of the projects I have designed and delivered include:

    “Finding Your Inner Resources” supporting the well-being and recovery of members attending a local abstinence project. This combines Protective Behaviours with other approaches.
    “Escape From Fortress I” - a 16 week programme for offenders on the Therapeutic Wing of HM Prison Liverpool to support their transition back into the community after release. This combined Protective Behaviours with other approaches.
    A Protective Behaviours programme for a local Academy underpinning the "Risk Taking" part of their Enterprise curriculum.
    "Our Brilliant Bodies" programme for Years 5 & 6 to underpin the introduction of Unicef's Rights Respecting Schools Award into the school.
    Working with a local Primary school over four years helping them embed Protective Behaviours alongside Building Learning Power (BLP) as key vehicles for their curriculum delivery. This included the "Risking on Purpose with your Learning Toolkit" used to ensure staff and pupils were "Ready and Willing" before becoming "Able" to engage with the BLP programme
    "I Can, You Can, We Can" 2 day Protective Behaviours programme to Senior Secondary Students raising awareness of their personal power and strategies for using their personal power to positive effect for themselves and younger pupils within the school.


    ACE Recovery Toolkit Train the Trainer Training 2018
    Connect 5 Train the Trainer Training 2018
    Accredited Body Psychotherapist 2008 (4 year training)
    Philosophy for Children (P4C) Level 1 Certificate 2013
    Massage in Schools Programme Instructor 2011
    Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) 2009
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