Protective Behaviours Foundation is a 2-day course for anyone who lives and/or works with children, young people, or adults. Ideally the day sessions are separated by one or two weeks to allow time for reflection and practice. This course is also available in a live interactive online version.

The Foundation course introduces the 5 elements of the PB process and provides opportunities to experience the 7 strategies in action.

The learning outcomes for the course are that each participant will be able to:

  • understand what makes up the Language of Safety and be able to use this in order to communicate in a way that enhances relationships and empowers all involved
  • explain some of the possible effects of Unwritten Rules
  • describe the relationship between Feelings, Thoughts and Behaviour and use this model to problem solve events
  • clarify Rights and Responsibilities
  • define a personal concept of Safety
  • describe the function of Early Warning Signs in the PB process
  • describe how a person might use the idea of Personal Networks of support
  • describe how someone could use the seven PB Strategies as an integral part of the Protective Behaviours process in practice
  • devise a Personal and/or Group Plan to use the Protective Behaviours process
  • make links with the Protective Behaviours process and things that people may already statutorily have to do or choose to do

Attending a 2-day course provides individuals with an opportunity to develop their knowledge of Protective Behaviours and build confidence in being able to recognise where it already exists in current practice. It also helps to identify areas for future development and attendees are encouraged to record how their practice will change as a result of the training.

On successful completion of this course, attendees will receive log-in details to access on-line resources to support the application of PBs.

The Foundation course is the pre-cursor to attending the 4 day Specialist Practitioner course.

Please Note: The Protective Behaviours process is dynamic and continues to evolve. We therefore recommend this training is revisited at least every 5 years. We also offer 1 day 'Refresher' training for individuals or whole groups - please contact us for more information.