A 2-hour open-access online learning event intended for people who are new to Protective Behaviours. The session is designed to provide an introduction to the process and a flavour of how it can be used any time, any place, anywhere!

A 2-hour interactive online workshop providing an opportunity to 'check in', connect with a network of practitioners, review the Protective Behaviours process and 'plerk' together to see how it can be applied in even the trickiest of times.

Sally Ann is currently piloting a  6 x 2 hour live-meeting Protective Behaviours Foundation Course and it's all looking good so far :)
In order to protect the authenticity and integrity of the training this will be limited to a smaller group than our 'real-life' training where we can certificate up to 20 people at a time. Please get in touch if you would like more information - flier for next course coming soon.

In line with Theme 1: 'We all have the right to feel safe all the time' we have taken the decision to protectively interrupt on behalf of ourselves and others and postpone all open-access and commissioned courses until futher notice. We are actively looking at ways to provide more online resources and the potential for virtual PB workshops for people to interact with so please watch this space.
Looking forward to being together again as soon as possible and to hear how you're all still finding ways to feel safe, have fun and adventures.

The PBTP team