Protective Behaviours Foundation Training 2/2
Wednesday 12 May 2021, 09:15 - 16:45
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Protective Behaviours Foundation Training

A practical and down to earth approach to personal safety that develops self-awareness and well-being.

This course can be of benefit to everyone. The Protective Behaviours process is currently used by parents, children, early years practitioners, teachers, family workers, childminders, health and social workers, police, refuge workers and counsellors.

DAY 1: Thurs 29th April 2021 St Michael's Centre, BudbrookeChurch Lane, Budbrooke, England, CV35 8QL 9.15am until 4.45pm
DAY 2: Fri 12th May 2021 9.15am until 4.45pm

*Please note this is a two-day course and the total cost is £150 which includes training materials, access to on-line resources, refreshments and lunch. Participants are expected to attend the full duration of each day. We recommend that Foundation Training is refreshed at least every 5 years.


Protective Behaviours Foundation is a 2-day course for anyone who lives and/or works with children, young people, or adults. Ideally the day sessions are separated by one or two weeks to allow time for reflection and practice. This course is available in an in person training format when covid 19 risks are reduced.

The Foundation course introduces the 5 elements of the PB process and provides opportunities to experience the 7 strategies in action.

The learning outcomes for the course are that each participant will be able to:

  • understand what makes up the Language of Safety and be able to use this in order to communicate in a way that enhances relationships and empowers all involved
  • explain some of the possible effects of Unwritten Rules
  • describe the relationship between Feelings, Thoughts and Behaviour and use this model to problem solve events
  • clarify Rights and Responsibilities
    define a personal concept of Safety
  • describe the function of Early Warning Signs in the PB process
  • describe how a person might use the idea of Personal Networks of support
  • describe how someone could use the seven PB Strategies as an integral part of the Protective Behaviours process in practice
  • devise a Personal and/or Group Plan to use the Protective Behaviours process
  • make links with the Protective Behaviours process and things that people may already statutorily have to do or choose to do

Attending a 2-day course provides individuals with an opportunity to develop their knowledge of Protective Behaviours and build confidence in being able to recognise where it already exists in current practice. It also helps to identify areas for future development and attendees are encouraged to record how their practice will change as a result of the training.

On successful completion of this course, attendees will receive log-in details to access on-line resources to support the application of PBs.

The Foundation course is a pre-cursor to attending the 4 day Specialist Practitioner course.

Please Note: The Protective Behaviours process is dynamic and continues to evolve. We therefore recommend this training is revisited at least every 5 years. We also offer 1 day 'Refresher' training for individuals or whole groups - please contact us for more information.

About Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours is a practical down to earth approach to personal safety. It is a process that encourages self-empowerment and brings with it the skills to raise self-esteem and to help avoid being victimised. This is achieved by helping individuals to recognise and trust their intuitive feelings (Early Warning Signs) and to develop strategies for self-protection. The Protective Behaviours process encourages an adventurous approach to life that satisfies the need for fun and excitement without violence and fear. More information is available at, a site run for and by the Protective Behaviours community where you will find a detailed history of the Protective Behaviours process along with a directory of other independent trainers in the UK - there is also a Discussion Forum (a great place to ask questions, swap ideas and share stories).

About the trainer

Ann Seal has a professional background in nursing, health visiting, teaching in FE and working in education safeguarding including working with schools to develop protective education practices. She has an MA by Research in which she researched teacher perspectives of protecting children through a curriculum approach to safeguarding. Ann has been a Protective Behaviours trainer since 2001 working as an independent trainer or in her role as a manager in the Education Safeguarding Service in Warwickshire. Alongside promotion of Protective Behaviours across the education sector (from Early Years to Secondary), she has trained for Warwickshire Safeguarding Children Board and organisations further afield, delivering PBs courses to any professionals working with children and families. Ann finds herself using PBs in all aspects of life at home and work.