Lucy Holbrook
Lucy Holbrook

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Being at our Best - Personal & Organisational Effectiveness, Creating & Sustaining Effective Change, Increasing Well-Being & Resilience, Emotional Literacy and Relationship Building
Whilst I am based in Merseyside I will travel both nationally and internationally
Hello, I'm Lucy and a Protective Behaviours trainer and a member of the PB Training Partnership. I am also a BodyMind therapist and coach and have been delivering a range of training programmes supporting people to be at their best for over 15 years.

My experience has taught me that being at our best starts with understanding ourselves – we have to do our inner learning first. Protective Behaviours supports and enables this inner learning by focussing on the link between our feelings and thoughts and the impact this has on our capacity to learn, manage our emotions, build relationships and make choices in our behaviour that serve us and others well. It is now well accepted from neuroscience research that feeling safe underpins everything we do, which reinforces the importance of Theme 1 – we all have the right to feel safe all the time.

In addition to delivering Protective Behaviours Short Workshops, Introductory and Foundation courses I also offer combined programmes which integrate Protective Behaviours with body- & mind-based knowledge and tools from the fields of neuro-biology and psychology. These have been delivered to a wide range of people from children and young people in school, adults in the community, staff in voluntary sector organisations, to offenders in prison preparing for release and adults in recovery from addiction, to 1:1 with therapy and coaching clients.

A "whole organisation approach" to working with Protective Behaviours will always deliver maximum impact and I have developed a Protective Behaviours Organisational Review Framework. This model helps organisations integrate the Protective Behaviours process into their organizational culture and collectively develop the skills and capacity to behave in ways which create a protective culture and environment. This supports everyone to feel safe and be at their best thereby increasing both personal and organisational effectiveness. If you interested in how this tool might support your organization please get in touch with me.

My Protective Behaviours journey started in the late 1990's and my passion for it remains undimmed. It is a joy to witness other people recognising and appreciating that whilst the process is simple in theory, the impact on their own experience can be extremely powerful. I love the fact that the flexibility of Protective Behaviours offers empowerment to people of all ages in so many different contexts.

PB is like a trusted friend - one that I have known for nearly 20 years now – who is consistent, reliable and has my best interests at heart. The friendship continues to deepen with the passage of time. Whether you already have a relationship with Protective Behaviours or have yet to get acquainted, I unhesitatingly recommend it as a life-long friend.

Do visit my personal website if you'd like to find out more about my work