Melanie Pearson
Melanie Pearson

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Network person
Child and adolescent mental health
Working with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties
Self Harm
Emotional Regulation
Stress/Anxiety Management
Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire. Will travel to other parts of UK
Protective Behaviours became part of my life in 1997, when I moved from working with adults with mental health/psychological difficulties in an in-patient setting, to working in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in Northampton. My clinical work changed over these years, from working with Older Adults, Adolescents in inpatient units, acute psychiatry, alcohol treatment unit, eating disorder unit, head injury unit and Psychotherapy and councelling service before my move to CAMHS.

Once in CAMHS I was sent on a Protective Behaviours 2 day foundation training course with Di Margetts. The impact on me was immediate and massive. I could see how it would combine with my other skills in working with children and adolescents, of all abilities and all difficulties, as well as with adults. In fact it became a way of being in all parts of my life, including my own family life and parenting.

I then completed my extended training and was lucky enough to have supervision with Di in setting up a workshop for Adolescents who had self harmed, tried to take their own life, or who were engaging in risk taking behaviours. This workshop is still an important part of the groupwork programme in CAMHS 18 years on.

My experience of using protective behaviours is with children of all ages and with adults. My experience of training has been with multi disciplinary health care professionals and multi-agency groups of teaching, social workers, support workers, foster carers and voluntary agencies working with young people experiencing vulnerability. I love sharing with others what I know about PBs and passing on what was passed to me as well as learning from others and sharing thoughts and resourses. I have been lucky enough to talk at confertences in England about my clinical work using PBs. I have also presented Protective Behaviours in China at the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions conference

My professional background is in nursing. I qualified as a Registered Mental Nurse in 1987. Since that time I have undertaken further qualifications and experience with qualifications in:-

- Bereavement Counselling
- Post Graduate Certificate in Group Psychotherapy
- Groupwork with Children and Adolescents
- Masters in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (MSc CAMH)