Jodie Ferguson
Jodie Ferguson

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Australia, Asia Pacific
I have over 12 years experience working with Protective Behaviours. I have been a member of the Protective Behaviours Committee Australia ( now ceased) since 2016. I have worked with the former PBA and the former PBWA to change the structure and objectives of the training in Australia to be in line with International Universal training processes. During this time I was fortunate to have been personally mentored and be friended by Di Margetts who helped me to achieve an amazing depth of knowledge, calmness and clarity regarding the importance of Protective Behaviours in our lives everyday. I am very thankful for her never ending generosity of knowledge and wisdom.
The last three years I have been working as a director of PB West and a trainer, in alignment with PBI and PB training partnership training standards. Included in my work is the development of several curriculums, a children’s book, a Universal training accompaniment manual and a one day teacher professional learning training workshop and manual.