The current daily rate for a Protective Behaviours Training Partnership trainer is £550. Additional expenses to be considered are those associated with venue, travel and the production of training booklets/handouts, which will vary depending on the particular event, and the course model:

Open-Access Course Model

Protective Behaviours Training Partnership trainers provide certificated open-access courses for up to 20 delegates. This training is often multi-agency.

The starting daily rate of £550 is used to price courses. When additional expenses associated with travel, venue and the production of training booklets/handouts are included the extras will typically amount to between £50-£75 per delegate per day.


Commissioned Course Model

Some organisations prefer to commission a course for a specific group of people (maximum of 20 to qualify for PBTP certification). The daily trainer rate is again £550 per day plus travel and any costs associated with the production of training booklets/handouts/venue. If an organisation trains 20 people the total cost per course will typically be between £1,200 & £1,300 which equates to between £60 & £65 per person.

When considering this option please note that organisations could commission a course for the number of delegates they wish to invite and then 'sell-off' remaining places in order to subsidise training costs. It can therefore be most cost-effective for organisations wishing to provide training to 8 or more people to commission a course, then recoup monies towards the training costs by advertising places to other organisations. The Protective Behaviours Training Partnership can help advertise spare places.


 For a firm quotation and/or an idea of available dates please contact us.