di-margettsI have been training and living (to my best ability!) Protective Behaviours since 1985. In all those years I have come across many wonderful PBs people who have inspired and encouraged me on my journey. Sally Ann, Simon, Melanie and Ann are without any doubt all included in that group. All of them not only work with PBs they also live it, i.e. they both talk the talk AND walk the walk. I have so much admiration for their creativity as both practitioners and trainers.

In the case of Sally Ann, Simon and Ann they allowed me to mentor them in their journey to become trainers. In this process they also taught me, which is the way it needs to be. Most of all they are great FUN and use fun to teach the PB process. As Peg West said "We cannot be scared into feeling safe".

I recommend all of the group to anyone wanting to learn and live the PB Process. 

 Di Margetts, International Consultant Trainer, Protective Behaviours


Sally Ann's work as Protective Behaviours trainer within the Pre School Teaching team, Northants County Council, has been invaluable in shaping practice for early years practitioners across the county. She has worked by herself, as well as collegiately with other trainers, to provide a great number of day 1&2 courses, plus follow up developmental sessions. She models the approach herself in her general professional behaviours as well as her direct work with practitioners, children and families.

Her preparation, communication and delivery skills are all of an exceptional standard, with the outcome of the training consistently very positive. Sessions are well run and professional, but with a very friendly and fun/entertaining slant to them. In fact, feedback from some participants suggests that the course itself has been life-changing. I would highly recommend Sally Ann to anyone considering participating in this training and implementing it in their practice.

 Alison Simpkin, Senior Specialist Pre-School Teacher (SEN) / Senior Area SENCo


...The training day was well-organised with all materials prepared in advance of the session. Communications regarding the planning of the day were professional and timely. Simon took the time to learn about our school and our specific requirements for the training. The training was then tailored to meet our needs. The training contributed to our school action plan for Healthy Schools and our Anti-Bullying accreditation...

...The sessions were varied and interactive and allowed time to learn about the principles of protective behaviours and how they can be applied in school. Participation was encouraged and all contributions were valued and respected. Simon shared his knowledge and understanding of children and young people's behaviour and how Protective Behaviours can raise self-esteem and help everyone to feel safe...

...Feedback from the staff attending the training was entirely positive and they were enthused by this approach. The training has been of enormous benefit to our whole school community and all children are now introduced to the themes and reminded of them as a means of solving problems that arise in their daily lives. I can highly recommend Simon as a trainer for Protective Behaviours and applaud his positivity and professionalism.

 Jan Pickering, Headteacher Greens Norton CofE Primary School